Parrot and Pirate Exerience

Flying Displays


We are professional handlers that have been working hard, training and socialising  our pets for many of years.

Flying displays are well rehearsed and are a controlled flying experience indoors and out. They will fly from members of the public back to their handlers with grace. Inca and Zeus happily wear harnesses attached to long leads for their own safety.


Photographers and guests are allowed to take photos or videos of the flying display with the consent of the participants.

Themed Pirate Parties

Tina and Tony

Themed pirate parties are a handling event where the children are able to meet, feed and fly the birds. 

It will be fun as well as educational and we hope to leave everyone who meets our animals feeling they have learnt and benefited from their experience.

Small pirate ship will be available for young children to have their photos taken in on request.

Photo opportunities are available with permission from the participant.

Events and Comic Cons

Tina and Tony Meet Pete

If you are looking for something special for an event you are organising then send us as email. Inca and Zeus are happy to meet and greet people at all events. Inca and Zeus will pose for photos or fly on the stage to make it a special event.

The handlers will educate everyone who is considering taking on the mammoth task of acquiring a pet bird and what is involved.

We can collect for your chosen charity.

Birds are insured and have full public liability insurance.

Fundraising Events

Jon Campling Death Eater

Are you looking for a different way to collect for your chosen charity? Inca N Zeus can help you with this. People love to give generously into the collect box for the opportunity to hold and pose for a Selfi. We never charge or ask for money for a photo as there are lots of people out their that are willing put their hard earned change in for a good cause.


Whilst collecting for Cancer Research we had the opportunity to meet the lovely Jon and Ali Campling. Both are down to earth and a lovely couple to know so we decided to collect for their charity.


Jon Campling (Death Eater 7)


ME  (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)

Parrots and Pirates