Parrots and Pirates for Hire

Welcome to Parrots and Pirates!

We are a mobile handling and flying experience based in Hull. We travel far and wide to homes, venues and events with Inca (Greenwing  Macaw) and Zeus (Blue and Gold Macaw).

Inca and Zeus are pets that live with us as part of our family. As part of their training, we started to attend events such as comic cons, openings and charity events all over the UK to ensure that they are sociable and not startled by loud noises or new experiences. It is important for them to socialise outside the house frequently, interacting and been handled by the public to maintain their social grace.

Some people ask why does Zues wear a hoody or bandana. The simple reason is he had a wing injury and to prevent people going near his wing he started to wear a bandana. He has now become used to this and it has developed into a comfort blanket for him. He becomes a little bit nervous of people going near his wing even though it is fully healed now.

Silly really as it doesnt even cover it anymore.

Parrots and Pirates days can be altered to your requirements and we will happily work with you so that you and your guests have an amazing experience. At a Parrots and Pirates event/party you will have two bird handlers with many years of experience, full of interesting facts to share. They will arrive in costume to events and if you are lucky even Zeus might dress up too! During events guests will have the opportunity to get hands on with these large birds, feeding them, holding them and even flying them. Zeus is currently perfecting some of his party tricks for your entertainment and Inca loves a game of Peek-a-Boo.

Events are fun for the whole family as well as educational. We hope to leave everyone who meets our animals feeling they have learnt and benefited from their experience.

Hope to hear from you.

Tina  and Tony